Top Ten ICT4D Conferences 2011

OK the final results are in and so, according to popular acclaim, this the official Top Ten ICT4D Conferences of 2011:    *drum-roll*


May 16-20th, Geneva: WSIS Forum 2011

May 22-25th, Nepal: Partners for Development – ICT Actors and Actions

May 25-27th, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: e-Learning Africa

June 6-9th, Cape Town, South Africa: Mobile Health Summit

Aug 1-3rd, New Delhi, India: eWorld Forum

Sep 5-8th, The Hague, Netherlands: HDCA, Development as Freedom

Sep 12-13th, Lugano, Switzerland: IPID 2011 ICT4D Symposium

Oct 26-28th, Lima, Peru: 5th Development Informatics Assoc

Nov 16-17th, Nepal: 4th ICT for Development & Education conference

Mar 12-16, 2012, Atlanta: ICTD 2012


OK so ICTD 2012 is clearly not in 2011, but it looks like being their largest ever, so we put the rule book to one side and let it sneak in.


Top Ten compiled with help from @trucano @jcdonner and @DGateway and drawn from sources including the original @ICTlogy Event Calendar for ICT4D and the massive @ICTWorks  Technology, ICT4D and International Development Conference Calendar.

Thanks to all.


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Founder & ex-CEO of co-founder & ex-Executive Director of co-founding Trustee co-Founder & Director of currently PhD student of ICT4D at University of London Gooner
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3 Responses to Top Ten ICT4D Conferences 2011

  1. AfriNOG is meant to take place this year somewhere in Kenya though I don’t know the current status. Its a great ICT4d event as well.

    Its a pity when majority of africans do not attend these events especially the ones taking place on the continent because of the very high participation fees. Otherwise, they are really worth-while especially where practical skills are passed on by experts. John

  2. Tony Roberts says:

    Many Thanks Mike. That is the mother of all conference lists!; mainly educational technology and current up until to July 2011. I was able to link to it through Stephen Downes’ excellent education website

  3. Mike says:

    FYI If you’re not already aware of it, you might want to have a look at the incredibly comprehensive list of ‘Educational Technology Conferences and Related Education Conferences’ maintained by Clayton R. Wright. This circulates by email whenever Clayton has a chance to update it — various people then post copies on their web sites when they come across it. Google is probably the best way to track down the most recent version(s). A good number of these events might be considered ICT4D-related.

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