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Laptop Burns is dead. Long live Appropriating Technology!

This blog is now defunct, deceased, dead as a dodo. It has been superseded by my new ICT4D website and all post have been coped across. Kind regards Tony Advertisements

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Hacking Open Data on Development Aid

FrontlineSMS founder Ken Banks wrote an interesting blog recently asking why so many of us technology for development (ICT4D) types are content to work remotely Ken’s point was that just because technology makes it possible for us to work remotely it doesn’t make this … Continue reading

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Should ICT4D Be More Agile?

Some software developers swear by Agile methodologies. Agile is a group of techniques for developing software that pro-actively involves a team of intended users and staff from the commissioning organisation in a collaborative design process, which  is able to accommodate people’s … Continue reading

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Digital Mapping as a tool for Social Transformation

In 1854, John Snow plotted cholera deaths on a map of London’s Soho district to diagnose the cause of a deadly outbreak that was ravaging the community. By mapping the geography of cholera incidence Snow was able to locate the local source of the … Continue reading

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The problem of legacy humans in technology projects

Most IT projects would be an unmitigated success if only it wasn’t for humans. Humans have an annoying habit of resisting change and refusing to conform to the often rigid requirements of a database ontology or software application. Corporate IT … Continue reading

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Can Raspberry Pi transform the sorry state of IT education?

Is the $25 Raspberry Pi – a basic computer on a single printed circuit board – capable of transforming the sorry state of IT education in our schools? Produced in Cambridge, the explicit aim of the Raspberry Pi is to … Continue reading

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The Problem With Open Data

Recent initiatives have dramatically increased the range of previously “closed” data being made “open” by the government, including data sets on travel, weather and healthcare. This data can then be used by anyone to create great new products, business opportunities and community … Continue reading

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